kejlina (kejlina) wrote in vegancooking,

Something to do with beans, corn and rice?

Hi! Remember the other day when I made burritos and filled them with beans, corn, and rice?

Well, the recipe said it would make 6 burritos....

8 burritos and two bowls of this stuff plain as a salad later, I still have a huge portion of this stuff.

What else can I do with it? Any suggestions for...

- a main dish that would be good with this? something that isn't another burrito?

- a way i can alter this stuff to turn it into something else?


edit: thanks for the suggestions! What ended up happening was that my mom ate a bowl of the stuff, and when I came home, there was just enough left for one final huge burrito.

So that's what I did.

Next time, though, it's becoming chili.
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