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baked ziti!

my boyfriend and i cooked a lovely valentine's day dinner. click below for pictures and recipe.

we had baked ziti, garlicy green beans, monster garlic bread, and spring mix salad with nasoya creamy italian dressing. to make the baked ziti, we boiled a box of ziti. in a large pan, we mixed that with a jar of quality tomato sauce, a packet of boca crumbles, and tofu ricotta (tofu ricotta=well mashed tofu, tofutti cream cheese, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, fresh chopped parsley). we topped the whole thing with tofutti mozzarella slices, and baked at 375 degress fahrenheit until the cheese was melty and bubbley and justtt starting to brown a bit. it was AMAZING!

happy valentine's day, everyone!
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