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airplants are cool, but solitude is better.

Blackened Banana Fritters

I might just have weird taste, but I stumbled upon something kind of cool today and thought I would share it...

Over the weekend we dumpstered a bunch of bananas They are starting to get soft, so I didn't just want to eat them. I thought that I would make banana bread, but I am a horrible baker and have no baking soda/powder around. So I mashed the banana up and put in a little bit of maple syrup and flour (I am not sure on exact amounts. It was a big banana, maybe 1/4 cup flour and a teaspoon of maple syrup.) I figured I would just pan fry them and hope for the best, thinking maybe they would be sort of like latkes (potato pancakes). At the same time, I was making my lunch, couscous with blackened tofu. So all of a sudden I get a great idea and I put blackening seasonings (paprika, red pepper, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt) on the little banana fritters. They came out so tasty! It is definitely a weird taste, but good. I ate them as an appetizer, but I think that it would be really good to put cous cous or a different grain on the bottom of a bowl/plate, blackened tofu or other meat substitute, and then lay the banana things on top . Yum!
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