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On se niin väärin!

Sorry no pictures, left my camera at a friend's house.

For lack of a better title: Green miso rice:

I made this on the fly from what was in my kitchen, so amounts are approximate:

Enough short-grain brown rice to equal about two cups when cooked
A bunch of spinach (rinsed and torn it was at least four cups--it cooks down to almost nothing)
Two green onions
Palmful of dried wakame seaweed
Sesame seeds (optional)
Olive or light sesame oil (optional)

Get the rice started cooking, in a pot a bit larger than it really needs. In the meantime, rinse the spinach thoroughly, remove stems, and tear larger pieces. Put them in a sieve to drain but leave them a tad damp (if they're pre-rinsed, give them a little shower). Cut up the green onions, stalk and all. Get the wakame soaking in some water.

When the rice is around five or ten minutes from done, open the lid and quickly put the spinach and green onions on top, and replace the lid. The rice cooking will steam it nicely. When the rice is done, stir the spinach in. If it's not as cooked as you'd like, add a wee bit more water and keep cooking it. Once the spinach is as done as you like it and you've turned off the heat, drain the wakame (saving the water) and add it in. Use a bit of the reserved water to dissolve a few teaspoons of miso and add that. Taste it, and add a bit more miso (dissolved in a bit of water, or you'll find chunks, yikes!) if you think it needs it. I added a teaspoon or so of olive oil because I need the calories and it's tasty. Sesame seeds sprinkled on top are pretty and tasty, as well. Ta-dah!

The leftovers of this stuff sure got me odd looks from coworkers. *lol* Mmmm....tasty.
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