mark of the judas (misfit) wrote in vegancooking,
mark of the judas

Galaxy brand Vegan sour cream/ dry ranch packet

I was at Whole Foods yesterday, scouting for some Tofutti sour cream for a ranch dip and a vegetable dip that I'm making for a party. Surprisingly, they did not have it, so I had to get Galaxy brand vegan sour cream (made by the same company that makes the awesome vegan parmesan cheese with the purple label).

Ugh!!! Eaten plain, it was incredibly gross. If I hadn't already paid $10 for four containers, I would just throw it out and get some Tofutti. It definitely had a soy taste, and the texture was really thick for sour cream. I'm hoping that the dried soup mixes will cover up the nasty taste of the sour cream.

On the plus side, while I couldn't find the vegan dry Hidden Valley Ranch packet (is it the lowfat kind? The store only had the original and the dip-specific kinds), the kosher Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup Mix is vegan!
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