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Online introductory course in vegan nutrition and food service!

Look what I found while surfing the web!

It's an online introductory course to vegan nutrition and food service. The required texts are both vegan cookbooks, which I imagine some of you already have - Simply Vegan, and Vegan in Volume.

Lectures are given online, and you can apparently even possibly get college credit for the course, if you pay tuition.

There are four assignments, including a really fun one where you obtain a menu from a non-vegan restaurant and re-write it for vegans. You're graded on things like nutritional balance, color, flavor, and practicality.

The only MAJOR turnoff is this project:
2. SUPERMARKET PROJECT (worth 20 points) (due on Lecture 13)
visit a local supermarket (not a natural foods store, farmers’ market, etc). Identify all fresh and processed vegan items available by preparing a list of products with three or four word descriptions. No, you don’t have to identify every type of fresh produce or dried bean. Give descriptions for the processed products, such as “Asian soy dessert - almond flavored tofu.”
Design a vegan, hot and cold take-away salad bar for the supermarket. Be sure to include twenty cold items and ten hot items.

I don't know about you guys but my local supermarket, but mine has a LOT of vegan products. I can't imagine going through the store and reading the labels of everything, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. One could spend a whole day trying to figure out which breads are vegan! I think this assignment is pretty unfortunate, it should be something like "Find (insert reasonable number here, like 30 might be good) vegan items at a local supermarket, and design a take-away salad bar for the supermarket. Asking students to sift through the entire store for vegan things is just crazy.

But besides that, it sounds really neat!
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