emily rose (nobora) wrote in vegancooking,
emily rose

cumin sweet potatoes

i ate this salad at whole foods when i was home in seattle the other day, and as there is no whole foods in savannah, i needed to make it for myself. very easy.

2-4 sweet potatos, cut into 1 inch rounds, and then quartered
a LOT of cumin (2 tablespoons? more or less to taste)
oil (olive oil is too... olivey)
1/4 cup finely chopped parsely
a sprinkle of salt
a shake of garlic powder (fresh is overpowering)

steam the sweet potatoes, and let cool. it took about 10 minutes for mine to become tender, but not falling apart.
meanwhile, mix the other ingrediants in a cup. if it is too pasty add a little bit more oil. or, even better, blend it in a food processor.
drizzle the dressing over the potatos, mix gently just to coat, and chill. SO AMAZING.
don't peal the potatoes, but make sure you scrub them really well. the skin tastes really good and has all the nutrients!
first try i used sweet potatoes from the farmers market stand, and the recipe was perfect.
second time, i used sweet potatoes from kroger, and the potatoes just weren't sweet enough, so i added a tablespoon of brown sugar to the dressing. it wasnt as good as the first try, but we still ate all of it!
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