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cickpeas with artichoke hearts

ok yum. i haven't made this in a long time and i forgot how good it is.

put some good olive oil in a saute pan, a couple tablespoons, and heat it up.
when it's hot, add a can of chickpeas (a minute or two, not long) and a sprig-or-two worth of fresh oregano. once that is hot and smelling good (once again, a minute or two, not longer), add half a can of artichoke hearts barely chopped (the kind that come in just water and a little vinegar, not the pre-seasoned kind. i get mine at Trader Joe's). stir that around for a sec and then add a splash of balsamic vinegar. just a splash. once the liqids are more or less sucked up, turn off the heat. sea salt and pepper to taste.

i know it sounds like nuthin', but it is so good.
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