...this is a story of possibility... (evilmannequine) wrote in vegancooking,
...this is a story of possibility...

so I wasnt especially inspired by the memories section. so I think I'll just ask for suggestions.

I have the following things-

artichoke hearts (that I need to use!)
frozen spinach
half of an eggplant (that I also need to use!)
boca burgers
marinara sauce
cans of asian style gluten/seitan
cans of refried beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans (as well as the dry versions)
2 blocks of firm tofu, one frozen, one not

and probably some other basic stuff. (but Ive only got vanilla soy milk right now though)

in other news, I made myself some delicious breakfast this morning

I cooked up some brown glutenous rice and while that was cooking I sliced up a banana and fried it up and put some brown sugar over it, when it was sufficiently yummy looking, I threw in some vanilla soy milk and some more brown sugar then threw in a handfull of dry oats and stirred it around and they soaked up and cooked in the soy milk. then I tossed in some more soy milk and threw in a few biiig spoonfulls of the rice and cooked a little bit more and then it was done.

it was not especially *pretty*

but it was SO good. I liked the interactions of the textures.
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