Sun Fish Moon Fish (calypso72) wrote in vegancooking,
Sun Fish Moon Fish

Soy Milk / Rice Milk Maker Recommendations?

I've seen the occasional post on this topic, so I hope it's not redundant. My family consumes a LOT of soy and rice milk (on the order of 6 half-gallons a week). I have been able so far to donate the cardboard containers to a local experiential science museum, but they are no longer accepting household donations. So, I am considering investing in a soy / rice milk maker and avoid the whoe container issue altogether.

Do any of you have any recommendations on such a machine? My main requirements are that it be able to make soy and rice milk (not just soy) in a relatively short time (less than an hour) and that the milk produced has a neutral flavor.

EDIT: Anyone know anything about this one? It looks like a great deal.

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