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3 Vegan "Jello" recipes

I haven't tried any of these yet. If you do try them, let me know how they turn out! Also if you've got a vegan jelly ("jello") recipe, I'd love to see it! :)

1. From here: http://vegweb.com/recipes/sweets/3778.shtml

Vegetarian Gel-lo

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

* 1 quart of pear juice (or maybe try other fruit juice you like..peach.. strawberry)
* 1/4 cup kuzu or arrowroot
* 1/4 cup agar flakes (This is a seaweed found in the health food store that is used to gel things. It is tasteless, and does not have an odor.)


Combine kuzu/arrowroot and 1/2 cup of juice in a bowl. Mix and set aside.

Combine the rest of the juice and agar sea flakes in a pot. Bring to a boil, and then simmer, stirring until agar dissolves (a couple of minutes).

Stir up the kuzu/arrowroot and 1/2 cup of juice (in the other bowl), and then add to the pot of hot juice and agar. Stir until it becomes clearer while bringing back to boil for a minute or so.

Then pour and allow to set in big bowl, or little bowls for 45 minutes in the fridge, or 1 1/2 hours at room temp!!

Yummy and easy. The texture is kind of "jello-ish". My non "veggie" husband always requests it!

You can also add fruit(the same one as the juice you used),cut up and put in before you boil it the last time. To garnish you can sprinkle it with nuts. I personally liked it without all that, but you can try it!

2. From here: http://vegweb.com/recipes/sweets/5014.shtml

Gelatin-Free Jello

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

* 20 cups Juice blend (frozen and reconstituted, not from concentrate or powder), like Pineapple Orange
* 4 to 6 tablespoon corn starch (Depending on how firm you want it)


Heat the juice blend until it gets reasonably hot on stove. Add the cornstarch and stir until it is blended. When it thickens to something like jelly put it in a dish. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours or until firm.

Serves: 10

Preparation time: 2-3 hours

3. From here: http://vegweb.com/recipes/drink/5323.shtml

Vegan "Jello" Shots

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

* 1 cup sweet fruit juice
* 1 cup coconut rum or vodka
* 1/2 teaspoon agar powder
* 1/2 tablespoon corn starch


Pour the juice into a microwave-safe container or a small pot. Mix in the agar powder and let sit for about 5 minutes. Bring the juice to a boil in the microwave or on the stove and boil or simmer for about 1 minute. Stir in DISSOLVED cornstarch* and rum or vodka. Pour mixture into about 15 to 18 shot glasses or small cups. Refrigerate at least a few hours to let the "jello" set. Keep refrigerated until use.

*To dissolve the cornstarch, mix it with about 1 to 2 Tbsp. COLD water.


-The consistency is similar to gelatin-based Jello, but a little softer, which in my opinion slides down your throat easier.

-You can easily change the ratio of juice to alcohol to make the shots more or less strong. (I do not recommend making them any stronger though - yuck!)

-When taking the shots, keep in mind they are alcohol shots, not yummy desserts, so drink them fast.

-Please be a responsible drinker!!!

Serves: 15-18

Preparation time: 15 minutes
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