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I am a member of Amnesty International at UT Austin and this weekend we are having a potluck, unfortunately I am the only vegan member of the UT group, but the host decided that if I sent him a recipe, he would try his hand at it. This is very cool of him to do, so I don't want to burden him with anything truly obscure, but at the same time I regard this event as a way to promote veganism, especially the very tasty food we eat! Taking the "soap-box" aspect of this event into consideration, I don't want him to cook something plain like spaghetti or falafel that anyone can get anywhere either.

I haven't cooked in ages (I live in a dorm) but this guy probably has all the necessary tools to make what one would usually make in the kitchen.

So, what is something that is out of the ordinary but does not rely on obscure ingredients and intensive kitchen-labor?

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