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Vegan Iron Chef

I had a great idea at work. Its elaborate, and amazing!

This needs to be a community!
But someone with a paid account needs to start it to make it all savvy-like and have polls and such.

Ok, itd be a weekly thing.
Sunday: Ingredient announced.
Sun - Sat: Post entries for the battle!
The next Sun -Fri: Voting. (viewable to none so it can be a surprise!)
Sat: Winner announced!

Winners will get a little virtual ribbon or something. And the recipe/photo will be entered into the WInners memory section.

Of course, while the voting is going on that week, another ingredient is announced.

Everything has to be original. You dont need to post your exact recipe, just whats basically in it.

I dont know whether to just have one main entree, or maybe 1 or 2 other side dishes. I dont know yet.

You must take photos. The 1st photo must be your official entry. Other action photos are great too!
Voting on the pictures are based on: drool factor, creativity, and presentation. (Try not to vote for yourself!)

Not everyone in the community has to participate, you can just be an "audience member" and vote ^_^

Ingredients can be chosen on season, holidays, this day in food history, random, anything!

So someone should start this! I can help out, make the little winner graphics or help moderate things, whatever ^_^

Well?! What do you think?! It has potential right?
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