IRO-bot will never die (i_smile_big) wrote in vegancooking,
IRO-bot will never die

OK, a vegan friend of mine mentioned having a non-vegan day, which I wouldn't have because it would kill me, and she wouldn't have either...But it got me thinking what I would have if I was going to have a non-vegan day, and I was hoping you all could help me with some awesome vegan alternatives in case I feel like having a non-vegan-vegan day.

I started a list today, tell me if you have a REALLY good vegan version that's worth the money and/or effort:
jalapeno jack cheese
cheese cake
unagi sushi
beef jerky (spicy is good)

That's a pretty random list, but I was thinking of things that most people say you usually can't just imitate, so it might be worth eating them if I did have a non-vegan day, get my drift.

And if you do/don't have a GREAT vegan alternative, you can always tell me some other vegan alternatives that I might have thought were of something that could never be imitated.

I hope that makes sense to you all.
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