nee.nee.tee (______smut) wrote in vegancooking,

last night i ws extremely bored, so i decided i'd whip together some sort of meal for tonight.

i boiled soem elbow macaroni. set it aside and let it drain.
sauteed some onions and garlic.
put 2 vegan boca burgers (still pretty frozen) in the food processor
and added all that to the oinions.
threw in 2 cans condensed tomato soup, 1 can water.
put the macaroni back in.
added a little stevia, a little salt, a little pepper.
let it simmer a little.

i was proud :)

also, i just bought some engr egg replacer after not beign able to find it ANYWHERE, does anyone have any good recepies to use it with?

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