Anna (sciamanna) wrote in vegancooking,

Very Green Rice Salad

This was my dinner, using up some of the loot from the organic market.

Boil 2 portions of rice, and chill with water. (I used Thai Jasmine, but any medium- or short-grain should do. Parboiled probably wouldn't.)

Dice one avocado, put in the salad bowl and douse liberally with lime juice (too keep from discolouring and also because it will taste great). I do mean liberally :-)

Add some roughly chopped raw spinach, rinsed capers, chopped green olives, chopped scallion (including the green bit, of course), a small handful of pinenuts (not green), olive oil, salt and pepper.

Add the cold rice, mix, leave to sit for a while, and eat.

For extra green, sit in a shrubbery :-)
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