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Handmade wholemeal ravioli filled with spinach, mushroom, semi-sundried tomato and fake cream cheese

Topped with my special neopolitana sauce!


2 Cups wholemeal flour
pinch salt
6 or so tablespoons water
2 tablespoons olive oil

Put dry ingredients in a bowl, and slowly knead in wet ingredients. The dough will be hard and must be kneaded until it works together instead of being crumbly. Add a little more water if nessesary.
Roll flat, and make sheets through pasta maker or by rolling flat as possible by hand. Cut into squares/rectangles.

Filling (measurments are rough you may just add whatever you like for flavour)

a mushroom, chopped finely
tablespoon or two of chopped semi-sundried tomatoes
a tablespoon or so of sliced tofu
couple of talbespoons of tofutti cream cheese
a few leaves of spinach
sprinkle salt

cut all ingredients finely (use a food processor if you want it all smooth)and stir. put a little lump of the filling onto a square of the pasta dough, wet lid a little, and press down aroound the filling with a fork. Continue until all are done. Pasta is cooked for about 3min in boiling water. Add favorite sauce!
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