Maya (lost_almost) wrote in vegancooking,

Chinese sauces and spices - what to buy

I am stocking up on Chinese cooking sauces and spices in an attempt to wean myself off my local Chinese joint which has messed up my order more than once. I have access to quite a large Asian store (Talin in Albuquerque) My question to you is:

1. What are the best vegan substitutes for things like oyster sauce, plum sauce etc?

2. What brands would you recommend for an authentic flavour?

3. I am thinking of things like tamari soy sauce, chili-bean paste, water-pressed tofu, peanut oil, sesame oil, sesame seeds, dried mushrooms etc. Are there other things you would recommend?


EDIT: Thanks for the wonderful suggestion. Mucho gracias. Special thanks to the person who recommended the book. Now I feel fully equipped to take on Chinese cooking.
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