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tofu cashew patties

Last night I intended on enjoying breaded tofu cutlets over broccoli and silken tofu alfredo, but sadly the cutlets disapointed---being that I forgot to Braggs them up first- definitely required.

Not one to throw out food (broke broke broke) I started to think...patties!
So I salvaged the leftovers...
I had let's say 3/4 block of tofu baked with seasoned breadcrumbs, threw this in a blender with
a small handful of raw cashews, handful of rolled oats, bunch of spike seasoning, dash of cayenne pepper, barely a tablespoon of soy sauce, chopped clove of garlic, dash of parma....
It didn't mix that well but I smushed it manually too, basically because the tofu was baked beforehand it was a little too tough to smush it all myself. I molded and fried a patty in olive oil and enjoyed it on a homemade flax meal burger roll (ode to kittee's recipe) with tomatoes, vegenaise and lettuce. I'll definitely make these again with more cashews, too.
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