jess (cheerjess) wrote in vegancooking,

anyone else love this show?

Hey guys, I'm becoming a big fan of this heart-healthy cooking show on Oregon Public Broadcasting that I keep randomly catching,
Christina Cooks, which for folks in the PDX area it's on 1:30 on Thursdays...and it's wonderful.
It's a little cheesy as there's been a singer-songwriter folk session on the episodes I've seen, but she cooks through it too. You'll see what I mean when the site opens : )
And everything she makes is 'wholesome, organic and good'...and vegan!

It never says "vegan cooking" but sure enough I did my research and as a recovering leukemia patient, Christina Pirello is a vegan and it's certainly working for her. Her site also has an enormous recipe archive, just in case the show isn't widely available. There are recipes from chinese orange seitan to hemp gomashio to streusel topped pumpkin pie to lotus root kinpira; it goes on and on beautifully.
I can not endorse her more! There's also a link to find her show in your area, in case you're interested : )

EDIT: I stand corrected, she is macrobiotic.
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