robot. (genocideboy) wrote in vegancooking,

so, i just joined.
i'm chris, sixteen years old, vegan, and i really like to cook.

i need some help.
first off, i have horrible eating habits. not in the sense that what i eat is unhealthy (because it's not), but i only eat one meal a day. before you jump on me for not eating enough, let me mention that although i only eat once a day, i eat a lot at that meal. i mean, enough to feed two or three people kind of a lot. it's awful, but i can't seem to get out of that habit. it leaves me very bloated and i hate it but somethingsomething onto the next bit.
winter and cold weather in general seems to get me in the mood to only eat certain things, like chili. you know, warming/comforting stuff.
for the past while i have only been eating two things, either vegan chili with cashews and raisins with brown rice, or steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and potato with tofu (fried in a tiny bit of olive oil with some thai peanut sauce), with a bit of watered down coconut milk and a whole lot of peanut butter (ridiculously fattening, gross) with brown rice.
i really want to get out of this rut i'm stuck in, but nothing else seems to appeal to me. i know i'm gaining weight (especially from that second meal i mentioned *vomit*), which isn't exactly a bad thing (i'm underweight already, but i seriously don't look it), but it's not a very nice feeling.

so, with all that said, can you guys suggest some things? i'm open to whatever.
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