x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

Once again I'm raiding my mom's recipe box and trying to convert an old favorite. She used to make this tuna casserole type dish that I really miss more than anything, as it has that whole comfort-food appeal. I thought it wouldn't be possible due to the cream of mushroom soup, but I did just find out that Imagine Foods makes a vegan portobello soup.

My mom's recipe is as follows:

Two cans tuna, drained
Two cans Campbell's cream of mushroom soup concentrate
One box rotini

Combine the tuna, soup, and one soup can's worth of milk and heat while boiling the pasta. Drain the pasta, add the sauce, and serve.

Easy, eh? (I think it originally involved adding cheese and baking for a while, but my brother and I were finicky eaters as kids, so this is all there was to it.) I presume I could just eliminate the milk/soymilk, which is used to thin out the soup concentrate, as the Imagine version seems to be ready-to-serve. At most I'll need one can of Tuno, drained and rinsed. I hate all the oil it's packed in. A kid who worked at Whole Foods told me they used to make something called Tunot and Chickenot but that they didn't carry it any more. Does anyone have more info on this, or any tips in general on working with Tuno?
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