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Pesto scrambled tofu.

Tonight I ended up unexpectedly having dinner at my omnivorous grandparents' house. They were having osso buco (I think it's some kind of steak, for those of you are lucky enough not to know) and all there really was for me to cook with was a package of soft tofu, a package of homemade pesto and lots of spices, plus some frozen veggies, crushed garlic and an onion. So, on a whim I made...


Serves 2-3

-1/2 onion
-as much garlic as you like (crushed or minced)
-2-3 cups of stirfried veggies (they can be frozen, but stirfry em to warm em up)
-one "package" (1-2 cups, I think?) of your favorite pesto
-salt + pepper
-"Melissa's mystery spice"
-olive oil
-1 package soft tofu

Saute the onions until lightly brown in the olive oil (I think a big skillet works best for this). Add the crushed garlic and saute some more. Add the veggies (ours were frozen, but if they're fresh, even better) and stirfry until they have 2-3 minutes to go. Crumble the tofu into the pan. Add the pesto. Stir WELL, so that the pesto gets spread throughout and really mixes in, and the veggies get into the tofu too. Add the turmeric, salt and pepper and Melissa's mystery spice.

[MELISSA'S MYSTERY SPICE: This woman who housesat for my grandma left an unlabeled jar of some mysterious spice. We have no idea what it is (my guess is it's a combo of spices), but it's different shades of green, smells amazing and complements the tastes of pesto wonderfully. Sorry that I can't tell you what it actually is, but it's obviously not necessary for this dish.]

Anyway, the pesto should really bring a lot of flavoring on its own, so it definitely doesn't need too much extra seasoning--in fact, be careful not to overseason it.

You should end up with a delicious, bright green colored scrambled tofu. I ate it plain but I bet it'd be great over rice or in a wrap. Even my osso buco loving grandparents enjoyed it.
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