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savory, sweet and spicy YAM pastries

inspired by an appetizer called Himalaya Trangles that the local vegan restaurant makes, i made my version a few weeks ago for a party. everybody enjoyed it so i thought i would share :)
it's very easy to make (but a bit time consuming) makes about 20, if not more.

phyllo pastry
6 smallish sized yams, cooked and peeled
2-3 tsp cayenne pepper (depending on how spicy-hot you want it)
dash of salt
1 tbsp yellow curry powder (or more, to taste)
olive oil and a pastry brush

first, i mashed the yams until it had a consistency of tomato paste. then i mixed in the curry powder, salt, and cayenne pepper. i let it cool a bit before preparing the phyllo pastry. i had two baking sheets nearby to recieve the uncooked pastries and turned on the oven to 375F. to make the pastries, i layed one sheet on a clean cutting board, brushed the whole sheet generously with olive oil, and layed another sheet of phyllo on top of the original piece. then, i cut the layered phyllo into four strips lenghtwise. (don't forget to cover the unused phyllo with a slightly damp cloth) with two large spoons, i spooned about a tablespoon's worth of the curried-yam paste onto the end of a layered-phyllo strip. i folded it into a triangle (following the package's instructions) and when done folding, brushed the top with a generous amount of olive oil again. i continued to make triangles until all the curried-yam paste was all used up, all the while putting the folded triangles on the baking-sheets. i baked the triangles for around 20 minutes, and they came out golden and crisp.

and the other day, i needed to use up all the left-over phyllo, so i used an apple-oatmeal filling, it was VERY good! i diced 3 apples into very small chunks, and cooked it in a pan with low heat and a lot of brown sugar. when the water came out of the apples i added rolled oats and cinnamon. i wrapped and baked the apple filling the same way as the yam triangles.

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