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Tofu Chicken Nuggets

Heeey! Have any of you ever made tofu chicken nuggets?

I've tried once before, and they didn't turn out too well. Last time I drained the tofu, froze it, thawed it, and then cut it. I dipped the tofu in water, covered it in some (not very well)seasoned bread crumbs, and then baked them for about 30 minutes. This time I drained the tofu, cut it into cubes and THEN froze it. It seems like it works better. Also.. this time I'm dipping the cubes in Nayonaise and I'm using Shake'n'Bake to cover them. (I'm trying to use this recipe ->

But I was just wondering.. would they taste better if I marinated them before? I've heard a lot of people using Braggs to marinate tofu.. and I finally found some the other day and bought it. Would that be a good idea? I was also thinking about vegetable broth. And should I add anything to the Shake'n'Bake to make it have more flavor? I've never used it. Is it already seasoned?

Thanks, everyone!
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