Roxanne (estrella_trash) wrote in vegancooking,

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i am only decent at making peanut sauce.

heres how i usually do it:

2 tbs hoisin
2 tbs natural chunky peanut butter
decorate with chunks of peanut.
a pinch or 11 of sucanat.

what am i doing wrong? Its too hoisin-ie. can i get away with just peanut butter and a little soy sauce? I'm afraiiiiiiiiiiid! have any of you got recipes that taste like its straight from a vietnamese restaurant?
I usually try and add water and end up straining it out because im afraid i have made it too watery.
my sauce ALWAYS works in pad thai.. with you know, water and noodles but i want it to dip broccoli with...

BAH! whats wrong with me?
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