katarina (inheadlights) wrote in vegancooking,

vegan ipod recipes

for those of you lovely vegans with ipods:
i found this site, and after downloading their sample vegan recipes to be uploaded onto the ipod, i realized that i could type up my recipes in the same format and have them at my hands as well.
as i'm going to college across the country next year, having an ipod full of music and vegan recipes will be most awesome.
it's as easy as putting recipes into a text file and saving them into the notes section of the ipod.
the organization that enrique quintero (of the above website) already had was helpful, with recipes categorized into appetizers, beverages, et cetera., but some of his recipes are snagged from vegweb, so it's not worth the money to get his full version, but is imho better to just type or copypaste your own.

this is most helpful for grocery shopping, or taking across country (as i am doing). but i thought it was neat, and i have enjoyed the insanity that comes from typing vast amounts of recipes.
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