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Question: Vegan modifications for Apple Bread Pudding

This was posted by one of my friends, and it comes quite close to being vegan. There's only the problem of the eggs...anyone have any ideas on how to modify this? Would it work to just use an egg substitute (If so, which one?), or would I need to change more to get that custard effect?

Apple Bread Pudding (custardy but crisp on top, fairly wholesome, can be made more decadent.)

9 x 13 glass pan, buttered or oiled
about half a loaf of organic 'crunchy oat' or whole grain bread
4 apples (organic), peeled, cored, cut into fairly large chunks and/or slices
Saigon or Vietnamese cinnamon
6 eggs
6 cups organic milk or soymilk
1 cup of brown sugar or 'florida crystals' (evaporated cane juice)
plus one Tbsp of sugar (or evap. cane juice)
a scant 1/8 tsp sea salt
an optional dash or dose of pure vanilla

preheat to 350* (bakes at 350* for an hour.)

Tear up the bread slices into chunks, scattering them into the glass pan. Put the apple chunks all through, tossing to mix. Mix the (real) cinnamon to taste with the extra Tbsp of sugar and sprinkle this all over.

In a big bowl, combine the eggs (beat them a bit), milk, and cup of sugar and the little bit of salt (and vanilla, if you want) and mix well. Pour this over the bread and apples, right into the pan. Press the bread down in so all of it gets soaked. Bake an hour or until set. Serve warm, makes a lot and reheats well.

To make it a more decadent dessert, top with chopped pecans, a dollop of tofutti 'sour cream,' caramel sauce.
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