peacelovehappy (peacelovehappy) wrote in vegancooking,

pumkin pie-like dissert food

i had an end of butternut squash and i was tring to figure out what to do w/ it. i thought of putting this pumkin pie spice mixture w/ it and some soymilk to make something like pumkin pie filling and cooked to be eaten w/ a spoon.
(also far healther, because i didn't add any sugar besides that in my sweetened soymilk, although i'm sure could be made w/ sugar added)
the spice was:
4/8 cinnamin
2/8 ginger
1/8 cloves (ground)
1/8 allspice

warning: i used one teaspoon of the spice total w/ a whole cup of squash, and it was waaaaaaaay to spicey, my guess would be one teaspoon spice to 3 cups squash.

(i had took some pics, but the internet's being annoing and not letting me post them =(
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