suz (susilou1) wrote in vegancooking,

DeepFryer Problems/falafel

I spent all day today making falafel (i had dried garbonzo beans to use up). Everything went great, right up until the end:

i plopped them in the deep frier and it began to bubble. I'm not talking little, normal bubbles. I mean, it bubbled all the way up to the top, as though it had soap in it; or was going to actually boil over.

The falafel mix was too dry, so i added some broth at the very end right before i dropped them in the oil.

The fryer was low on oil.

What made it bubble? could it have been something horrible with my falafel (i've never made it before), was it the water in the dough at hte last minute? was it the way it was low on oil? what?

has this ever happened to any of yall before??
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