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back in the day, i used to eat breakfast hot pockets seriously, all the time. they were so so so good. they were egg and cheese and i think even there was some bacon or ham in them. when i was in high school and went vegetarian i was devestated that they didn't make one without meat in it.. by the time i went vegan, i forgot they even existed until the other day, some ass hole put some in the soy milk freezer at the grocery store. and i thought to my self "hmmm"


make some home made pizza dough, or buy the frozen kind
get a brick of extra firm tofu
some margerine
some nutritional yeast
a package of whatever "scramble tofu" flavoring you use, or whatever you use when you make it
faux canadian bacon
soy cheese

you smack out the dough like youre making a long rectangular pizza. and let it 'relax' while you're scrambling up the tofu, margerine, nutritional yeast and the seasonings (i always make my scrambled tofu this way because the consistency is much closer to eggy than anything i've ever had before). i cut strips of fake bacon in with it and cooked it that way a little before pocketing it.

then on half of your dough, place a slice of soy cheese, then some tofu and bacon (dont over fill it because its really tough to close these bad boys) then some more cheese and fold it all up. i have some of those mini bread loafs, which i put mine in and it kept the shape and made it a litte easier to deal with than if i had just set it on a baking sheet, but its really fine either way.

i would have taken pictures of this masterpiece but i couldnt stop eating it. oh god, so good. the cheese gets really melty, better than ive ever seen soy cheese melt before and all in all it was just SO much like one of those breakfast pockets. mmm mmm mmm. make it.
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