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With the other half of my can of kidney beans from making ravioli a couple days ago, I decided to try again. Somebody suggested substituting balsamic vinegar for the lemon juice and adding a bit of mustard (i added dijon). I also minced up a crimini mushroom and sauteed that with the garlic and threw in a bay leaf, too. Then I added a tablespoon of dry vermouth and simmered that for a little bit after the garlic was cooked. Pulled out the bay leaf, added that stuff to the other stuff, and did basically what I did in the last recipe I posted. It was fantastic. I recommend it. The vermouth actually was the flavor I think it was lacking. You could really use any dry white wine, but I just always have so much vermouth sitting around (because it goes a lot slower than gin in martinis), so I try to come up with creative ways to use it.

The other thing I did was pierogies. That post a couple days ago made me crave those things like nothing else, so I did it. I started off the same way as with making the pasta for the ravioli, but doubled that recipe. I also made mashed potatoes. You know, potatoes, sauteed onion and garlic, salt, pepper, soymilk to make it creamy. I rolled out the dough and used a 4" diameter bowl one of my housemates made in her ceramics class to cut round shapes, which I then filled with the potatoes and closed them off with the tines of a fork. Then of course boiled them until they were cooked. This ended up making about 15 pierogies for me, so I've got about 10 in a bag in the freezer now after eating some. I fried some with onions in some earth balance and god it was good. Tasted exactly like the ones I used to get. It's too bad I didn't have any salsa. I love eating salsa on pierogies. yes it sounds strange, but it's amazing.
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