I Sing In The Shower (childofvertigo) wrote in vegancooking,
I Sing In The Shower

ok, i have to write this down before i forget it
tonight i was planning on making fajitas, but we didn't have tortilla shells or anything...so i had an idea: chilli....of course, i've never made chili before, so I sort of took from what I'd watched people do and went with whatever...it was really good
and my dad actually said it was spicey...and he's hard to get to, so i was happy :-p

1. Take a whole huge stick of celery and dice it up
2. Take half of a large red onion and dice it up as well
3. Saute them with oil (i used olive oil) in a wok (i live in china...you can use whatever you want)
4. I grabbed a handful of cilantro (we get it fresh) chopped it up and put it in
5. took one long med. sized red-sweet pepper and diced it up (seeds and all) and threw it in
6. continue to saute until the celery turns darker/brighter green (thing I learned from my Ayi here in China)
7. Add ALOT of Cayene pepper (moderate if you're not a spicey fan), a good deal of garlic salt, mexican spice mix, and (inspired my my mum's spaghetti) a bay leaf
8. Turn down the heat just a bit and add 1 can of mushy prepealed tomatoes
9. After those are worked in add 2 cans of kidney beans
10. let stew
11. Enjoy.
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