Sunah Cherwin (sunah) wrote in vegancooking,
Sunah Cherwin

Baked tofu like my mom makes it and like I make it

This is another staple I keep around my house. Yummy protein component of meals, perfect for taking in an ice chest on road trips.

Firm tofu
ginger juice
pineapple juice
soy sauce
(my mom uses onion flakes, garlic flakes, and no ginger juice)

tongs (for my mom's version)
rectangular pan (or two for my version)
aluminum foil
ziploc bags

turn on the oven, 350 or whatever if celcius
put aluminum foil in the pan
shake a bunch of ginger juice into the pan. it's strong, you know.
then some pineapple juice, just a little, and soy sauce, so there is
liquid all over the bottom of the pan that will mix up when you shake it
(my mom uses tons and tons of pineapple juice and soy sauce, and doesn't
mix it right in the pan. this way you don't have to wash any dishes,
Cut the tofu into 1/2" slices
put all the bits of tofu in the pan so one side is saucy, then turn
them all over and shake oregano all over them (and the other stuff if
you are my mom)
(I guess you could do this with gluten, though I haven't tried, and you could put
real onions in it if you like baked onions)
bake 20 minutes
turn all the tofu over again, put oregano (and so forth) on the other
bake 20 minutes
[you will want to eat it right away as it is obviously tender and yummy,
but if you refrain you will find it is even better cold]
roll up the foil with the sauce and tofu in it and put it in ziploc
bags in the fridge.
The only thing that gets dirty are the tongs

HOWEVER, I do it an even easier way. I bought two pans the exact same size, cook it halfway in one pan, line the other pan with aluminum foil, put the pans lip to lip over the sink and flip the whole thing over. That way I don't have to turn the tofu slices individually.
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