Sunah Cherwin (sunah) wrote in vegancooking,
Sunah Cherwin

rebbyribs's fabulous french toast the way I make it

If I can't make it high-fiber and high-protein, well, I might just make it anyway, especially for company...but this recipe is pretty healthy. I figured the values on fitday to convince my skeptical friend.

Bathe one La Tortilla high-fiber small tortilla in a mixture of

* 1 T soymilk
• 3/4 T tahini
* 3/4 T maple syrup
* 1 T wheat germ or almond meal or whatever high-protein high-omega thing you use instead of flour
* pumpkin pie spice

spray olive oil on your non-stick pan and cook over a MEDIUM LOW flame for three minutes each side. These are terrific for a treat, 10 gm fiber, 18 gm other carbs, 9 gms healthy fats, 9 gms protein.

The original recipe is much wetter, because it is made to soak into bread. In case you want it wetter and don't want to look up rebbyribs's post (it's not in the memories) the proportions are

* 3/4 cup soy/rice milk
• 3 tablespoon tahini
* 1 tablespoon maple syrup
* 2-3 tablespoon flour
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