heartless romantic (happycycling) wrote in vegancooking,
heartless romantic

earth balance

i know Earth Balance is a popular vegan (non-hydrogenated!) margarine, but which kind do you use when cooking/baking - the regular variety or the Soy Garden kind?

i bought regular Earth Balance a year or two ago to make the cornbread from the Veggie Works cookbook, and it turned out awful. i'm not blaming the Earth Balance, but it seemed a little too solid to be like butter or margarine. it got thrown out shortly thereafter.
but about 2 weeks ago i decided to try the Soy Garden spread which my health food store had on sale, and it was DELICIOUS. i used it in cookies calling for about 1/4 cup of margarine, and they came out great. has anyone else noticed a difference in the two types of spread?
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