kim day (fakingsympathy) wrote in vegancooking,
kim day

the chocolate duet cookies at panera bread used to be basically the best thingg in the world, and when i ate dairy i never tried making them. but now i want to try and replicate them after watching food tv and seeing ina garten make these:,1977,FOOD_9936_23767,00.html
basically, i'm just going to skip the white chocolate and use regular chocolate chips. the only thing i'm confused with is what to do with the eggs. would 2 ener-g eggs work well? i was thinking banana, but everytime i try and use it, the taste overwhelms whatever im i don't have any banana on hand. theres applesauce..but i'm not sure. i'm really not familiar with figuring cookies out.
basically i guess i'll try with the ener-g, but if anyone knows from personal experience, let me know.
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