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Hoisin tempeh wraps

*droooool* I made really really yummy wraps for dinner tonight and I thought I would share what I did. It's not a recipe or anything...more like a guide, lol.

You need:
1 pack of tempeh (or seitan or tofu...whatever floats your boat... I definitely say tempeh though ^_^)
1sm onion
1 small jar of hoisin and plum sauce or something similar
1 avacado
1 sweet red pepper
1/2 cucumber
fresh spinach

Cut tempeh into thinnish chunks, about this size:
Slice the onion up into rings and sautee them in olive oil until golden, then add the tempeh
Sautee the tempeh until golden
Add a small jar of hoisin and plum stirfry sauce and cook for a little longer until it kinda starts to carmalize.
Serve in a tortila with thinly sliced sweet red peppers, cucumber, avacado and spinach.
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