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Pad Thai

Homemade pad thai from the Vegan Planet cookbook. Probably less-than-authentic, but still tasty. :)

Rice noodles, fried tofu, something called "broccoli slaw" I picked up in the produce section (basically just broccoli stalks, carrots, and purple cabbage cut into matchsticks), bell pepper, tomato, ginger, garlic, lime juice etc. with roasted peanuts on top. I need some help modifying this recipe... I think I may have used too many noodles, but this didn't seem saucy enough for me. What can I use to make this more saucy? The sauce basically consisted of some rice vinegar, sugar, and a little tamari. The lime juice was my own idea. But I need more!

Mountain of noodles! I didn't actually eat all this. Those rice noodles were very filling.

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