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What's wrong with my espresso pot?

Since it seems to take awhile to get posting access to hip_domestics I thought I'd post here if that's ok, as it involves kitchen appliances!

My Mum just gave me a new stove-top espresso pot as my old one was thrown out a while ago. I'd had that one for about a year, so I'm pretty experienced with using it. But for some reason, this new pot just does NOT want to work for me. It gets hot, I hear the water being to boil, and steam starts whooshing out of the spout. Usually what follows is coffee sputtering into the top compartment. But nothing happens. Clear steam just keeps whooshing out and the water keeps boiling until there's none left.

When I open the pot the coffee grinds look very soggy, so the water *is* getting into this part.It's meant to pass through the grinds and evaporate into the top compartment as coffee.

I've tried alternating the consistency of the coffee I'm using, but to no avail. There doesn't appear to be a leak in the rubber seal as no steam is escaping from the middle seam (know what this looks like, has happened before).

It's driving me INSANE, I want coffee so badly but nothing is happening!! If any experienced vegan coffee makers knows what this is symptomatic of, please enlighten me! In return I shall post the recipe for the lovely coffee deserts I'm trying to make!
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