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Beer-batter TVP "chicken" nuggets

I've had some TVP chunks sitting in my cabinet for awhile with no idea on how to use them. I decided to make a beer batter and fry them...and the results were AMAZING!

I had about 1 1/2- 2 cups of TVP chunks (see here for a not-very-appetizing picture of TVP chunks) and rehydrated them in a pot of boiling water (heat turned off, lid on). Vegetable broth would have added a nice flavor, too. Then I mixed the batter:

1 cup beer
1 cup flour
Paprika, salt and pepper

Mix flour, beer and spices to taste. Heat some vegetable oil (at least a few inches, enough to cover the chunks and then some) in a stock pot or other heavy, deep pot. Once the TVP is rehydrated, drain and pat dry the TVP. Add the TVP to the batter and drop each piece individually into the hot oil. Allow it to fry just long enough for it to turn a golden color. Set aside onto a plate with paper towels, and fry additional batches if necessary. It took me about three frying batches to fry all of the TVP.*

It was delicious and satisying, and best of all, CHEAP!

The TVP puffs up nicely, thanks to the beer batter.

I ate more than this, but this was to get me started :)

This is the face that my dog was giving me while I was cooking- the "I want some!" look. He does not get people food, so no nuggets for him :(

*If I'd had time to review the "Fry Hard" episode of Good Eats, I would have remembered all of Alton Brown's frying tips. Alas, I had no patience! I wanted nuggets!
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