Nyphur (nyphur) wrote in vegancooking,

I could kill for some cheese

I tried making fake cheese from an old livejournal post to the community. The relevant comment is here:

Have any of you ever tried making this? I don't know if I'm missing something here or not but mine turned out absolutely awful and I just threw it out without even putting it in the fridge. I used 100g soya spread instead of hard margarine and used 100g soya flour. Now, I may be missing some vital piece of information here but when it came to the stage to "pour" it into a dish, it didn't look like it was going to pour anywhwere. It was certainly not anywhere near a liquid state and smelled awful. I just tipped it straight in the bin frustratedly. I'll have to ask eimear what I could have been doing wrong.
I just can't work without a tried and tested recipe for something. Do any of you ever feel useless when you can't do something as simple as mixing two things together like this?

I'm a little frustrated at the moment. I'm getting a real urge for some melted cheese and there isn't a single place I know of that sells fake cheese that melts. Reading the memories, I hear loads of people talk about this "Vegan Gourmet" stuff and it looks great but I live in Ireland and they simply do not deliver outside of America. Unless anyone knows somewhere other than the official site which delivers.
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