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I finally made St. Patty's Day....

I should have posted this recipe before St. Patrick's Day...but since I just got around to making St. Patrick's Day dinner tonight and I took pictures, I thought I would post them anyway : )

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LightLife Smart Bacon stands in for corned beef here. It is more like corned beef than bacon, in my opinion.

Boil four to six potatoes and several carrots until cooked.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large pan. Add one sliced onion. Let it cook for a bit and then add one small (or half of a large) shredded cabbage. Fry for a bit and then add some salt and cover to simmer for about half an hour. Watch carefully to make sure it isn't burning.

Heat some margarine in second pan. Dice the cooked potatoes and cook until nicely browned. Dice the bacon and add that to the pan. When the bacon is heated through, add the carrots.

When the cabbage is very well cooked, combine the contents of both pans.

We didn't have any beer in the house, so I am on my second glass of wine. Please ignore any spelling mistakes : )

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