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This post is for bragging.
If you want, comment and list what vegan/vegetarian cookbooks you have.
And if you want, look and see what other people have :)


New Food For All Palates; Great Vegetarian Dishes Of The World
- Sally & Lucian Berg

Becoming Vegetarian & Cooking Vegetarian
- Vesanto Melina, Brenda Davis, Victoria Harrison

Great Tasting Vegetarian Meals
- From the editors of Favorite Brand Name Recipes Magazine

Lean and Luscious and Meatless
- Bobbie Hinman & Millie Snyder

The Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home; Fast & Easy Recipes for Any Day
- Moosewood Collective

Vegetarian Barbecue Cookbook
- Mary Gwynn

Fabulous Vegetarian Recipes
- Johna Blinn

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook
- ?

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook
- Karen Brooks (Yes, I have two. They're two different books though, and the one without an author listed is a nice big one with lots of pictures.)

Asian Vegetarian Recipes
- The Hawthorn Series

Healthy Asian Vegetarian Dishes; Nutritious and Delicious Alternatives
- Learn To Cook series


Simply Vegan; Quick Vegetarian Meals
- Debra Wasserman

Vegan Delights; Gourmet Vegetarian Specialties
- Jeanne Marie Martin

Well, My Kids Eat It; A Vegan Cookbook for the Family
- Theresa A. Velardi

Vegan Vittles; Recipes Inspired by the Critters of Farm Sanctuary
- Joanna Stepaniak

The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen; Meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free dishes from the healthiest region under the sun
- Donna Klein

Garden of Vegan & How It All Vegan
- Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer

The TVP Cookbook; Using the Quick-Cooking Meat Substitute
- Dorothy R Bates

Tofu; Quick & Easy
- Louise Hagler

The Vegan Cookbook
- Alan Wakeman & Gordon Baskerville

Make it Natural
- The editors of Natural Health

See? They're taking over my book case. I can't help it though, I love cookbooks.
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