ellie (savethepirate) wrote in vegancooking,

healthier vegan food (and sweets!!)?

lately i havent exactly been eating very healthy stuff...more like junk food all the time (one part of me gets excited when i see theyve replaced nonvegan ingredients with chemicals and artificial stuff, while the sensible part of me screams not to). im especially horrible when it comes to anything sweet, especially chocolate. i started eating unhealthy food when i decided to gain a few more pounds because i was a little underweight according to the doctor. ive gained some 15 pounds in a little over one month, which is really unusual for me. i dont really care so much about losing it as i care about not gaining anymore weight with fatty foods that are going to clog my arteries.

one of my big problems is eating lunch at school. i have limited access to a microwave at school (its a pain in the ass though), but i do have space in a fridge. i dont want to spend every morning cooking a lot of stuff, so it needs to be fairly easy. the other difficult time for me is when it comes to anything sweet/desserts. besides fruit obviously, is there anything else i can try to eat/cook?

thanks so much for any help!
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