Zoltar (locatei) wrote in vegancooking,

My husband and I have been adapting our diet to a more vegan-like diet in the past month. One of the items I am devasted to give up on is.... MIRACLE WHIP! You see, i grew up on that stuff. When i was a meat eater, i'd dip my steak in that stuff. I often would use it in my sandwiches and with tortellini and so on. I am/was a total miracle whip junkie. I always disliked mayo, i found it really nasty tasting. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any vegan mayo that I could try out and see if it meets my liking. I'm also wondering what it's about miracle whip that gives off such a zesty taste to it and if it'd be possible to find that ingredient (assuming it's vegan friendly) and add it to a vegan mayo.. Hmm ideas, ideas.

Anyhoo, any vegan mayo fiends out there?
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