M (ethelfleda) wrote in vegancooking,

A disaster, and a nice pudding to make up for it

First, the disaster. Rather graphic description, may put you off food.

I thought I'd make a risotto. I thought I'd bung some seaweed in it, because I quite like seaweed. Wrong. After only a short amount of cooking it looked like someone had taken an elderly grey PE vest and shredded it. I added some peas in the hope of improving the matter. Now it looked like a PE vest someone had been sick over. I ate some of it at this stage, mainly holding my breath. However, amounts had been planned for leftovers. 'Aha!' I thought, 'Tomatoes and garlic! The number one culinary fallback!'. Thus this morning I bunged the leftover risotto in a box with half a tin of chopped tomatoes and a bit of garlic. Lunchtime came, and I opened the box. It looked like someone had been brutally murdered in an elderly grey PE vest, which had then been shredded and thrown up over. Gamely, I microwaved it and tried to eat it. Yeuch. And I mean, yeuch. I accepted an NHS cheese sandwich that had been leftover from a meeting instead of it. If you have any idea of NHS catering, to prefer a dried-up sandwich containing radioactively luminous cheese to a risotto... yes, it was that bad.

I came home and went 'real food!' so had nice pasta, and made myself grown-up rice crispy cakes

Take saucepan. Add a swirl of oil, a good dobbet of maple syrup, and some Green & Blacks's 70% cocoa chocolate. Melt over a low heat. Mix chopped brazils and puffed rice into the mixture, spoon out into a foil lined dish and chill in the fridge. Turn out and cut into squares. Very nice indeed.

(sorry for the mention of cheese in this post, but really needed it as a comparator to how awful the risotto was!)
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