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Barbeque onions a la Kat!

Okay, sooooo.... barbeque season is upon us again! I just wanted to share this quick idea for barbeque food (good for camping too!) that is always a HUGE hit, with people begging for more! It's not an exact science, so feel free to experiment with amounts and ingredients!

Barbeque onions!
sm-med onions, as many as you like, peeled
Vegan margerine
Bouillion powder/cubes
balsamic vinegar

1)Cut off the top 1/3 of the onion. Save the top!

2)With a small knife, cut out the middle layers of the onion, leaving a cavity so that you have what sort of looks like an onion cup. Don't cut too many layers out, just enough to hold about 2-4TB of filling, depending on how big your onion is. Set the onion innards (lol) aside.

3)Add about 1.5TB of margerine (or balsamic, or both!), 1/2 to 3/4 of a stock cube or about 1tsp of powder (use your judgement). A good rule of thumb for this bit is that the fillings should fill the cavity.

4)Replace the top of the onion and wrap very very tightly in foil (you don't want any of those lovely juices to escape!). (At this point, you can use the part you cut out in a foil packet with other veggies on the BBQ. I reccomend BBQing them in italian dressing!)

5)Toss it onto the grill and barbeque until it's tender when you poke the foil with your finger

6) Open it up, reserving the juices in the serving bowl and cut into chunks. Voila!

Some other ideas for fillings/seasonings:
*toss in a clove of roasted or unroasted garlic!
*try a tiny bit of Marmite (yeast extract)instead of balsamic
*Braggs instead of balsamic
*red wine!
*Italian dressing
*lemon-pepper seasoning
*pretty much anything you want!

If anyone makes this, let me know what you thought!
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