zklby da zombie (brikxinxthexwal) wrote in vegancooking,
zklby da zombie

fried tofu recipe

i just made this yesterday... i wasnt at home so i didnt have a camera to take pics or anything but its still good :) it doesnt have exsact measurments, as i was just messing around...

crispy fried tofu

one block extra firm tofu
corn meal
any spices or herbs you like (i used basil leaves, thyme, garlic salt, soul food seasoning which is basically salt, pepper, paprika and garlic, salt, and ground pepper)
olive oil

cut tofu into slices, mix corn meal and spices in a bowl, coat tofu slices with mix and then fry in pan with olive oil, flip slices when brown, place on plate with paper towel (to soak up the excess oil) let cool, and enjoy :)

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