Amanda Panda (negativoptimist) wrote in vegancooking,
Amanda Panda

Homemade Fast Food

I think this is way too easy to be considered cooking...but it's so yummy that I had to post it anyway.

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I just used Lightlife's Fakin' Bacon (which is actually quite expensive--$2.99 for a package), Vegenaise, romaine lettuce and tomato. And I just deep fried the sweet potatoes (which were a pain to cut!) in peanut oil and sprinkled them with a little salt.

Do any of you know a good technique/marinade to make unflavored tempeh taste as good as Fakin' Bacon? And are there any tricks to cutting sweet potatoes that I should know about? I had to have my husband cut it because I just couldn't get the knife through! Thanks!
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